Laboratory Services

Queen Village Animal Hospital has teamed with Idexx Laboratories to offer your pet the most up to date diagnostic laboratory testing. Bloodwork provides us with a valuable assessment of your pet’s systemic health. Your doctor may recommend wellness bloodwork as part of a healthy physical exam, pre-anesthetic bloodwork prior to a surgical procedure, or comprehensive bloodwork as part of a thorough workup for a sick pet. We utilize an off-site laboratory that provides 24 hours turnaround time results for most tests, including:

*Complete blood cell count (CBC)
*Chemistry panel/Thyroid testing
*Fecal parasite testing
*Heartworm testing
*Tickborne disease testing
*Feline Leukemia/Feline Aids testing

Our hospital additionally has an in-house lab which is capable of performing these tests immediately when results are needed more urgently for a sick pet. The in-house diagnostic lab allows us to perform ear cytology, blood smears, and many other diagnostics as needed during your pet’s visit.